Telemark FIlm & Services welcomes you

Telemark Film & Services is prepared for your film project, large or small  With a ’can-do’ mentality, unique and accessible locations, and an infrastructure that is flexible and strong, we look forward to helping you create your unique film production.


The Brattrein Hotel in Notodden and its catering services,  as well as other restaurants  and hotels throughout the region, with a whole spectrum of destinations await you. Visit Rjukan is the organisation coordinating Wild Telemark activities and has made special arrangements with both the private sector and member municipalities that have the experience, knowledge and access to locations that can help you create a unique film experience. 

To get your job done on a practical level, close cooperation between the public and private will help plan better and keep both time and costs to a minimum.


Choose from a wide range of accommodation, from the simplest of mountain cabins to the most modern hotels. It all depends upon your needs, your budget and your film plans.


Catering onsite or off, food service is something that we have fine-tuned over the years through both our film-related activities as well as the year-round tourism.

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Location Tours

Allow us to help you as early as possible in your film project. We know the Wild Telemark like the back of our hand, and have a wealth of ideas and knowledge that can both help you develop your project and bring it to life here on location.


The Wild Telemark can provide professional location tour services to you, or provide you with  the information you need to find your right location. Our team also includes ‘Fixers’ that are accredited mountain guides, who can take you to places that may very well match your film needs.

Photo Portfolio

The Wild Telemark has a portfolio of photographs that cover the spectrum of potential locations. We can provide information and even professional guides and photographer to take you to these locations to be able to find the right content, angles, lighting, perspective as you develop the personality of your film.


Fixer Assistance

Located throughout the Wild Telemark, our team includes a number of ‘Fixers’, your key contact persons 

regarding local details including accommodation, practical logistic support (snowplowing, electrical supply, etc.) and other important aspects of your projects.

Our Fixers have been key in earlier film productions that have included The Saboteurs,  The  Snowman as well as projects with National Geographic, the History Channel and others.



Welcome to your new film world

Telemark Film & Services provides professional location tour services to you, providing you with the information you need to find your right location. Our team includes accredited mountain guides, helicopter and plane pilots, boat and ship skippers, all who can take you to places that will match your film needs.


We provide you local details including transportation, accommodation, practical logistic support (snowplowing, electrical supply, etc.) and other important aspects of your film project.


Join us in exploring the Wild Telemark, seeing exclusive and little-seen locations.

For centuries, only the bravest of the brave dared their way into the Wild Telemark. Now, friendly, accommodation and open – but still Wild, as in the time of the Vikings, it is open, to you.

Six reasons, and so much more...



Cold War bomb rooms, tunnels and mysterious abandoned caverns deep in the mountainsides.


Cold War bomb rooms, tunnels and mysterious abandoned caverns deep in the mountainsides.


Magnificent power stations, largest in the world in the early 1900s. See the town of Rjukan with Såheim & Vemork.


The Queen of the Norwegian mountains – Gaustatoppen. See the Wild section for this and so much more!


And so much more, see the Regions section of this website as well as our portfolio of photos and videos created just for you.


The birthplace of the 2nd Industrial Revolution with all facilities and buildings intact and good as new. Notodden, the Gateway to the Wild Telemark. Same as it ever was.


The new generation of talented film makers are being educated in Telemark. If you are student, contact us for you password to a new world of film in the Wild Telemark.


Mountains and valleys that will take you far into the past – or to a future that you create in your own vision. The hidden wonders of Hjartdal.