Telemark Film is the active film- and support function of the Wild Telemark.


Telemark FIlm works with production companies and related film projects,  Contact Anita Kristine Lindeboom for details:


The Wild Telemark is prepared for your film project, large or small  We will welcome you with a ’can-do’ mentality, unique and accessible locations, and an infrastructure that is flexible and strong, we look forward to helping you create your unique film production.



The magic of the Wild Telemark is that its three municipalities – Tinn, Notodden and Hjartdal – work closely together to make certain your logistic needs are met.   We will work with you if you need temporary permits, road closures where required, and get the access you need. We are here for you 24/7.



Whether you are located in or outside of Norway, you can be certain that the Wild Telemark will work with you to provide the best possible financial solutions for your film project. We will do our utmost to assist when possible.

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Visit the Wild Telemark early in your development phase. We stand ready to help you find your film location, show you what others cannot see. Then, when you have chosen your location, we will assist you in meeting your needs, saving you production time and money.



Over the past century, the region that we now call the Wild Telemark has built up unique expertise geared to tackling – both normal – and extraordinary – practical situations. Visit Rjukan is your point of contact, and we can help you access this expertise that has been shown to be an advantage in large film productions.



The Wild Telemark will ensure that you and your team get the right information. We are ready to guide you to the highest peaks, the most extreme sub-arctic locations on the high mountain planes, to the waterfalls, the spectacular industry installations and important infrastructure.

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