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The Wild Telemark is


The Winds of Change

The winds of industrial, social and political change were howling through Europe and the rest of the world in the early 1900´s. The region known as the Wild Telemark with the new industrial towns of Notodden and Rjukan led the way as the 2nd Industrial Revolution began here in these remote rugged Norwegian mountains.


Young, hungry and talented, thousands of hard workers – the Rallars came from all over Norway and Sweden to take jobs in the factories of Notodden and Rjukan.  They worked the fiery furnaces and factories by day, started their families, built their new lives in the cradle of the new industrial revolution.


With a cast of thousands, Sam Eyde and his partner Professor Kristian Birkeland did indeed tame the waterfalls, built hydroelectric power plants, transmission lines, factories and transport systems in Notodden and Rjukan.


Both Notodden and Rjukan to the north had been mere villages at the turn of the century, but this world would soon be forever changed. Here now would now be the world´s most modern industry - where just farms and fields had been just a few short years before. 


The wave of the 2nd Industrial Revolution has come and gone, but the legacy are building and installations that can satisfy the creative vision of any filmmaker are here waiting for you.


Join us on this visual journey of Industrial Heritage.

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