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The Wild Telemark is


Be Inspired

On the edge of civilization on this wilderness of Northern Europe, you will find a warm hearth and welcoming people. Or a troll and a dangerous tale.


Everything will be fine.


But are you sure? It is up to your film creativity to tell if the person behind the opening door is a friend or foe.


Only you know.


The contrasts, light and colours are unparalleled here in the Wild Telemark. From northern Europe’s highest mountain plateau that lies over half a mile above sea level with over 500 crystal blue lakes on the edge of eternal glaciers and mountains, the terrain plummets into deep valleys, bordering Lake Tinn, one of deepest lakes in Europe. 

Film teams from all over the world have found their stories in the Wild Telemark, and you can as well. Join us on this visual journey from the highest plains to the waterfalls to the canyons, from snow swept lonely roads to the isolated cabin on the edge of eternity. 


Be Inspired. Here are a few examples of what you will find in the Wild Telemark.

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