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Our interactive e-books are entertaining, educational and informative. Simply put, we create communication products that attract attention

and interest to suit your needs and goals.

They cannot be compared to a normal book, or a standard e-book for that matter. Our interactive e-books are truly created to match the dynamic urge to explore and learn. You can freely move around and navigate, allowing your curiosity to lead the eay.


Once created, your interactive e-book can use video, audio, animation, quizzes, maps, and naturally, printed information to tell your story. The only limits are enthusiasm, curiosity and imagination - and we will work with you to ensure that none of these are lacking!


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Rjukan - Notodden IndustrIAL HERITAGE SITE

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Norway Communicates AS and Ian Brodie Photo, in cooperation with the Wild Telemark, are pleased to announce their latest e-book.

The world was coming to a crossroads, and many were concerned. As the world population began to boom during the course of the 1800s, the scientific question began to circulate – how long would the world population survive on current food supply production? 


To answer that challenge, it was just over a century ago in Norway that a major transformation took place. During the course of just a short decade, power plants, factories, transport systems and company towns were created. The urgent and immediate goal - producing enough mineral fertiliser to increase world food production. 


This is the story of the UNESCO Rjukan-Notodden Industrial Heritage Site. 


250 pages of interactivity, videos, 1000+ photos, historical documentation, human-interest essays, facts, figures, innovative technology, architecture, trains, ships, design, and more - all colourfully presented in this state-of-the-art eBook. Available in English and Norwegian, Apple and Android formats.


The book is free of charge. 


English - APPLE

Norwegian - APPLE

English - ANDROID

Norwegian - ANDROID




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