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Rjukan is Norway’s first architect-designed town, built in the vision of Sam Eyde as he established Norsk Hydro in the early 1900s.  Here the unique architecture is something to be experienced – and filmed.  Architecture and function in Rjukan have always been the expression of quality and creativity, with no expense spared. Built to impress. 


Here you will find unique pearls, locations unparalleled, structures and buildings preserved as part of the UNESCO Industrial Heritage status. 

Click on any photo for more information and specific location as you explore The Wild Telemark with us. 


Historic Town

Tinn Municipality and the town of Rjukan are at the heart the Wild Telemark.  Stunning nature and Industrial Heritage make this a must-visit location for your film project.

Select a topic or scroll on down to discover a world that will set your creativity free:

The Historic Town From a dozen farms to a thriving town with the world’s most modern industry in a few years, Rjukan is unique. Explore.

The Art of Industry The factory buildings, the power stations and the interiors were designed for function as well as beauty.


Heavy Water As long as stories are told, the legend of the Heroes of Telemark will be told. Everything now, as it was then.


Boats, Trains, and Automobiles How did an isolated region in the Wild of Telmark become the world’s largest fertilizer exporter? 


Mountains and Valleys – A haven for the Vikings of Telemark, on the edge of the endless Hardangervidda, isolated for centuries. Uncover.

Water and Ice Burning sky cooled by eternal ice in winter. Summer water moving towards the sea. Water is king here in Tinn. 


Tunnels and Caverns – Cold War intelligence, industrial labyrinths, nothing changes deep in the earth.



Here in the Wild Telemark, industry is a form of art and expression, and what you experience brings constant surprises.

Here you see the control panel (above) at the Norsk Hydro's Såheim Hydroelectric Power Station in Rjukan, and what is popularly called 'The Opera' (photo below).

When completed in 1915, Såheim was the largest and most powerful facility in the world. Still as magnificent today as the day it was completed.

Click on any photo for more information and specific locationPlan your next film project here with us in The Wild Telemark as you explore the possibilities here. 

Art of Industry

As long at there are stories told through film, the will be stories told of Operation Gunnerside, the February 1943 WWII operation that has been called the most successful act of sabotage in all of World War II. 


Penetrating a virtually inaccessible location in the frozen mountains of Telemark, Norway, Norwegian commandos successfully destroyed the heavy water production facility may have brought Adolf Hitler the atomic bomb.


Every year, film teams from around the world visit Vermork and the heavy water cellar, now excavated and ready for your story.

Click on any photo for more information and specific location. History was made here before in The Wild Telemark.

And it will be again.

Heavy Water

Visually and functionally, ships, trains, railways, and related facilities located Rjukan are stunning and have been used in various films, advertisements and other productions. 


World-class trains and ships were constructed here in the Wild Telemark as the Second Industrial Revolution began, clean hydroelectric energy. All still as good as new today.


Your opportunity to create a new visual film world awaits, here in The Wild Telemark

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Boats Trains Automobiles