In Viking times, the border to Hjartdal was the entrance to Telemark, marking the place where only the bold dared to tread. In Hjartdal you will find mysterious valleys, ancient protected structures, film locations without parallel. 

OMNESFOSSENThe Gateway to the Ancient Telemark. Trolls and thieves in deep forests, by the waterfalls and under the bridges.



HIDDEN VALLEY - The hidden valley of Bondal. Lonely roads on nature’s terms. Gaustatoppen, the Queen of the Norwegian Mountains presiding.


MEDIEVAL FARMSAncient farmhouses and dwellings. The backdrop of timeless nature. Fantasy, mystery, and family.


GOLDEN SECRETThe father hid the family gold, only his daughter knew. He died, his sons wanted the riches. The girl refused to tell, paying with her life. Gold still lies here. Betrayal.

THE BRIDGES OF HJARTDAL COUNTY - Over raging rivers deep in these dark forests, bridges meant the difference between life and death. The way home.


ISOLATION - Our finest moments can be when we are with ourselves.



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