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The Wild Telemark is


Arguably, there no place on earth has seasons as distinctive and radical as in The Wild Telemark.


Spring arrives overnight, the streams and waterfalls overflowing their capacity, thundering towards the lowlands. The flowers burst open, the trees green and the taste and the smell of the air like nothing else imaginable.


Summer of the Wild Telemark has the endless light, it does not get dark from late May to early August. The sun itself will set from time to time, but the stars disappear for months, and if there should be clouds overhead they remind that the sun is just a mountain or two to the north. Winter is a distant memory.


Autumn reminds that nothing lasts forever as the rolling dark clouds may come off the high mountain plains, jolting back to the reality of change. The light and shadows alter from day to day, and creativity is at it peak.


Winter, home again in the Wild Telemark. Endless white, frozen waterfalls, the slanting light of the sun making perfect lighting conditions. There is nothing like winter in the Wild Telemark, where summer is a distant memory.

And then, just like magic, spring arrives once more and winter is again forgotten.

For now.

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