We Are Pre Production

Visit the Wild Telemark early in your development phase. We stand ready to help you find your film location – and then organize around your needs to save you time and money.


Contact Telemark Film & Services with questions regarding the information below.

General Planning

Planning your film project correctly will save you time and money, and the Wild Telemark can help you.


Join the Wild Telemark and our ‘Fixers’ in exploring Film Location Rjukan, seeing exclusive and little-seen locations.

Facilities and Sets

Depending on the size of your film production, film locations in the region, storage, administration, and your other specific needs


The towns of Notodden and Rjukan have available space, equipment and knowledge to help you! 

Legal and Contracts

Our legal resources can assist you with  agreements or support that might be necessary.


General Planning

  • Secure additional location scouting for right visual fit, access, options, lighting, electricity, special needs for the segment.

  • Identifying and securing on-site personnel who may be on either side of the camera – including on-camera releases (under 18 years old present special attention), apparel, planned roles.

  • Find props and gear that fit content.

  • Plan lighting

  • Plan needs for your crew

  • Wet weather cover and plans in event of rain, wind, location issues (consider setting up wet weather cover beforehand).


  • Identify electrical power, generators


Fixers​ take you where you want to go

  • Scenery and 400-year old farms deep in the hidden valleys of Hjartdal

  • Sites from the Vikings heyday one-thousand years ago

  • The actual site of the creation of the 2nd Industrial Revolution

  • The caves and mines where the silver thieves hid from the Danish king for years and Cold War bomb rooms, tunnels and mysterious abandoned caverns deep in the mountainsides

  • Magnificent power stations that were the largest in the world a century ago​

  • Cavernous industrial halls with classic architecture​

  • The secret ‘Kings Elevator’ with a capacity of only three that will take you directly to the top of Gaustatoppen.​

  • For much more, see the Locations section of this website. 


Facilities and Sets

  • Back Office Travel, changing rooms, bathrooms

  • Back office facilities 


  • Necessary IT infrastructure and equipment – ‘fixing’ your Facility 


  • Production Units

  • Post-Production Units


  • Other. Let us surprise you.

In addition, the Wild Telemark region can offer a wide variety of buildings from different architectural eras that can be used on either side of the camera:

  • Buildings and areas that can be used for filming, post-production and administration


  • Back office facilities 


  • Changing rooms, bathrooms


  • Storage areas


  • Post-production equipment available on request


Legal, Contracts​ & Accounting

  • Securing access to the right locations, location permits and permissions

  • Obtaining legal production releases

  • Acquiring location insurance

  • Understanding and complying with local laws

  • Obtaining filming permits

  • Preparing precise directions and maps 

  • Agreements with local businesses and landowners as needed.