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                                              Norway Communicates & Wild Telemark Municipalities

The Norway Communicates AS team is your host to the  Wild Telemark region for film and tourism, working with the Municipalities of Tinn, Hjartdal and Notodden to ensure that all, whether they be film crews, tourists or any other visitors have the best possible stay in the region.

Tinn: You will find so much, from the magnificence of the buildings and hydroelectric power stations to the Queen of the Norwegian mountains, Gaustatoppen, to the Vidda - the Hardanger high plans. 

Notodden: The Gateway to the Wild Telemark, the birthplace of the 2nd Industrial Revolution, locations in town and throughout the municipality waiting only for your imagination to take you to the next level.

Hjartdal: Hidden but accessible, mysterious but open, a hundred stories waiting to be told from the Vikings to the cache of gold that is still waiting to be found after a 1000 years. It is all in Hjartdal.


From mountains and lakes to raging waterfalls, from settlements hundreds of years old to magnificent UNESCO-protected buildings and facilities, the Wild Telemark is compact, accessible and nothing short of magical.

As with all photos on the Wild Telemark website, you can click on any photo for more information and location.

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