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The Wild Telemark is  a pleasant drive on modern roads from the regional airports as well as Oslo and other Norwegian towns.  Once here in the Wild Telemark, we make it easy to find your way to the best locations for your film project.

Use the Wild Telemark Distance Chart to set up your project logistics.  Go directly via the Distance Chart Link, or just continue to scroll down.


From the Big World


Easier accessible, the Wild Telemark is just a stone's throw from the 'blue, green and the city in-between'' - Oslo, Norway:


  • From downtown Oslo the distance it is exactly 100 kilometers the border of The Wild Telemark as you enter Notodden Municipality, the Gateway to the Wild Telemark. Here you will find the Birthplace of the Second Industrial Revolution - sets, locations and buildings of all types.

  • It is just 180 kilometers to  Tinn Municipality and the town of Rjukan, where you will find locations spanning the spectrum from the edge of civilization on the Hardanger High Plains – the ’Vidda’ to industrial heritage architecture and momentous buildings to the epic mountain Gaustatoppen. Rjukan and Tinn put the ‘Wild’ in the Telemark.

  • To Hjartdal Municpality and its official designated National Cultural Landscape it is just 130 kilometers. Here you will find ancient and secluded valleys and farms, taking you on a trip backwards in time – or to a film set far in some future.

If you are travelling internationally, the easiest way to get to the Wild Telemark is to use either the main Oslo airport at Gardermoen or the regional Oslo Sandefjord Airport.

From the Oslo Gardermoen Airport: 

  • There are different ways to travel. The national train service NSB provides direct train service to Kongsberg (under 2 hours from Gardermoen and 1 hr. 10 minutes from Oslo). From Kongsberg you can either catch the bus or rent a car. The trip by car from Kongsberg will take you approximately 75 minutes to Rjukan, and just a 30 minutes to Notodden.

  • In order to best access the Wild Telemark we recommend car or other vehicle rental. There are a wide variety of rental vehicle agencies available. The driving travel time from the Oslo Airport to Rjukan is approximately 3 hours using the most direct route, with an excellent road system the entire journey.

  • Helicopter service is also available, contact us for details.

From the Sandefjord Torp Airport: 


  • From Oslo Sandefjord Airport the distance to Notodden is 110 kilometres, Hjartdal 128 kilometres and to Rjukan, 184 kilometres. 


  • Although bus connections are available, the best way to Rjukan from the Sandefjord airport is to rent a vehicle, with a wide variety of rental car agencies available. Travel time to anywhere in the Wild Telemark Region is between 1.5 and 3 hours from the Oslo Sandefjord Airport.


Norway Communicates AS is here to help you. Contact us!

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