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Together with our sponsors and contact network here in the region, Telemark Film is prepared to get you up and running quickly and effectively.

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With our Norwegian headquarters based in Notodden, Telemark, we are prepared to work with you, and provide you with the information and the contacts that you require to move your film project forward.


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Our network is both well-coordinated and efficient. We work closely with the following organisations to help you make the most out of your project:

Tinn Municipality

Tinn Municipality features some of the most unique historical and traditional sites found anywhere, and is in place to work with you and your film project. The municipality will also be an important contact regarding town-related technical and logistic aspects of your film project.


Rjukan and Tinn Municipality actively create and manage cultural activities all through the year. Tinn Culture works with Film Rjukan to mobilize the local population in support of film projects as ‘extras’ and in volunteer positions.


Notodden Municipality

Located less than 90 minutes from Oslo, the town of Notodden is the Gateway to the Wild Telemark. Known as the Birthplace of the Second Industrial Revolution as well as the European Capital of the Blues, the town has facilities available both for filming as well as your film administration activities.


Here you will find a wealth of buildings taking you back to a different place and time in the town as well as Hydropark, and at the headquarters of the UNESCO Notodden-Rjukan Industrial Heritage Site at Telemark Gallery in the Tinfos historical area by the Tinn River.


 Notodden is ‘Bluestown’, the host of the famous Notodden Blues Festival, and has several music studios, including the well-known Juke Joint at the Book and Blueshuset.  The town has the infrastructure as well as the local resources that are prepared to assist you and your film team in your project, large or small.

Hjartdal Municipality

Located In the inner reaches of The Wild Telemark, the municipality of Hjartdal with its main town of Sauland is the home to creative and adventurous people.

Here you can plunge into the world of nature, lean back, lean in and create a new world. Whether it is accommodation on the high sides of mountain gorges, rural cultural activities, local cuisine, livestock farming, handicrafts or other activities, Hjartdal will ensure that your visit is something to remember.

There are few spots in Norway closer to nature than you will find here. Historical, legendary, traditional, you almost expect the trolls and Vikings to be coming out of the caves and chasms out of curiosity to see you who are.


NIA - Norwegian Industry Workers Museum

Founded in 1983, the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum Foundation (NIA) is comprised of six different sites in the Film Rjukan area - all stunning film possibilities. These sites include the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum, Vemork Power Plant, Tinn Museum, the Heddal Open Air Museum, the Rjukan Line, and further south in the neighbouring town of Notodden, the Telemark Gallery and the Lysbuen Industrial Museum.

Each of these sites have their own unique visual properties, and are stunning both from a historical as well as storytelling perspective - and make up the core of the Rjukan-Notodden Industrial Heritage Site that was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2015. 

Rjukan-Notodden UNESCO World Heritage Site

Rjukan and the neighbouring town of Notodden to the south were the birthplace of the 2nd Industrial Revolution, where magnificent waterfalls were tamed to create clean hydroelectric energy. 

The UNESCO World Heritage organization in Rjukan, part of the Tinn Municipality, can suggest excellent backdrops and scenes for film projects that include historical and magnificent UNESCO as well as installations and facilities that include the Møsvatn Lake, the Vemork Power Plant, the Såheim Power Plant, Mæl station and ferry port, and the Tinnoset Railway station, and the Ferry Quay and Slipway.  


In Notodden, you will find 27 different buildings and locations awarded UNESCO status including northern Europe’s longest log flume, and several historical waterfalls that include Svalgfos, Lienfos and Tinfos. A true company town, Notodden had two cornerstone companies: Tinfos and Hydro. There is a wealth of potential film locations that include the downtown areas, Hydropark, the original Tinfos facilities, the Admini and of course Norway’s first housing for workers – Grønnebyen (‘Greentown’) 

Notodden Utvikling (NUAS)


Located in Notodden’s Hydropark, NUAS – Notdden Business Development – is a central point of contact with existing businesses and industry in the Wild Telemark region. Enjoying a strong network and close dialogue with both the public and private sectors, NUAS encourages projects, film or otherwise, that create economic activity and promote Notodden as an attractive place to live and work.


For more information about activities and possibilities in the Wild Telemark, contact Notodden Utvikling.

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