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The Wild Telemark was Norway’s ‘Wild West’, full of mystery, music and fairy tales, a land of natural beauty from the rugged mountains in the north to the pastures, lakes and rivers to the Notodden coastline in the south.


The Wild Telemark was a defiantly independent region where the taxman and the preacher man dared not tread.  Here, small farm and landowners honoured their Norse Viking tradition and rituals as they had for many centuries – with protection and vengeance.


But no more. Now it is filled with welcoming, friendly and colourful people from the municipalities of Notodden, Hjartdal and Tinn - ready to share their heritage and their stories with you.


Take the time to explore the municipalities of the Wild Telemark!


Get here easily

Google maps will show you the location of The Wild Telemark with easily followed directions to get here.



The Gateway

Experiences, learning, adventure - all against the backdrop of the birthplace of the an industrial revolution that changed the world



Historical Magnificence

Tinn is the home of Rjukan, the Heavy Water Heroes, the majestic Gaustatoppen and much more. Explore!



Wild Telemark's Heart

Mysterious, the heart of the true Wild Telemark. Hjartdal is unique, friendly and accessible. Start planning your adventure today!

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