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Telemark Film and the Wild Telemark work with production companies and related film projects. Through our collaboration with Norway Communicates AS, we focus regionally on Telemark, but nationally as well.

Contact us for more information.

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The Wild Telemark welcomes you with a ’can-do’ mentality, show you unique and accessible locations, and an infrastructure that is flexible and strong. We look forward to helping you create your unique film production.


Money saved is money earned - and you can focus on what you do best. Create a unique and lasting piece of work. Learn more here.



Visit the Wild Telemark early in your development phase. We stand ready to help you find your film location – and then organize around your needs to save you time and money.


Contact us with questions regarding locations, legal, logistics, facilities, and more - and take a look at what we can offer you here.



Depending on your requirements, we have in-house designers, carpenters and artists who can assist you. Anything is possible.


 We can help with anything from specially constructed sets to storyboards to logos - even a good old-fashioned movie monster if you need one.  Take a look and see what we mean!

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Telemark Films offers courses and instruction for people, young and old, who want to learn more about acting, filming, even the art of Viking self-defence. We designed these courses and seminars to be educational, interesting - and a whole lot of fun. Find out what we offer here.



Our interactive e-books are entertaining, educational and informative. Simply put, we create communication products that attract attention and interest to suit your needs and goals.

Experience our interactive E-brochure and learn more about what we can do for you here.



Explore the Wild Telemark with our exclusive 360 degree images and video. Ian Brodie, with his background from Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and more - has filmed and produced these.

The Wild Telemark has long been a destination fo film companies. Click on the still photo from "Run for Love" below, or click here to enjoy all of our Moving Pictures selections.

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The Wild Telemark is here to support you with transportation solutions and your needs - whatever it takes for you to get the job done in time and within budget.  


Does your film project require temporary permits, road closures, or other support? We will work with you to get the access you require.



One strength of the Wild Telemark is the creativity and talent of the people living here. By clicking here, enjoy a selection of some these talents and what they have to offer.


Would you like to be considered as anextra for a future production in the pipeline? Fill out a short form here.



We work with a range of suppliers and providers in the region.  We know what they can supply - they understand our needs. This is your advantage - our network is your network. Let us talk about how we can create magic together here in the Wild Telemark. Read more here.

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