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Action Experience 

Notodden is the "Gateway to the Wild Telemark", where there is something for everyone. Jump in and start by experiencing action.  Not only is it good for the body, mind and soul - it is a whole lot of fun!


Notodden Waterland

Experience the fun of recreation on the open water

Notodden Waterland

Experience the fun of recreation on the open water!
Notodden Waterland opens this year in 2023, at Nesøya Marina, with a variety of fun water-based activities where you can explore and enjoy the Telemark Fjord – also known locally at Lake Heddal. Situated at the end of The Telemark Canal, the Eastern route, the conditions here are normally pleasant on a lake that is easily navigable. 


Now you and your friends and family can explore and experience the fresh lake and the mountain air with very affordable rentals. We are green on the blues waters as well, so we only offer electric and environmentally friendly offers, great for going out the sandy beaches of the nature reserve Sem Islands


Good green fun

Our electric boat has an electric outboard motor by the Norwegian company Kicker – we are offering one of the few such electric boat rentals in Scandinavia.  We also offer the unique quality canoe made in Notodden, the Nokan. 


We also have stand up paddleboards (SUP), a kayak, and a paddle boat (for two). If you are up for it, you should try our electric surf-board – you may stand up on it or lay down (see below for more information). Life preservers are required, and we supply them free of charge.


You can meet your host Halvor right down the street from the Burger King restaurant on the Nesøya dock, close to the Notodden town beach. If you get hungry we can offer a special combo with our neighbours, Sunanta’s Thai Food and ”Herligheten”, with real Telemark ice cream.


Contact us, reserve your spot!

You can also reserve your experience - AND a discount if you pay beforehand. We also have a special “Action Package Offer”.  You may also pay on site with card, ApplePay/GooglePay or Vipps. Sorry, we do not take cash.


For more information or booking, contact Notodden Experiences here or by phone +47 916 95 196.

Or send us an email to

NWonder 1
Gliding Over Telemark

Notodden Gilding Center at Notodden Airport

Do you have a secret dream of flying, or are you looking for the ultimate gift for someone who has everything? Then you've come to the right place! Experience Notodden gliding – one of the few places in Norway where you actually can take-off from a real, international airport. You will literally get to see much of the famous Telemark, from above.


Experience the joy of flight!

Gliding is one true way to experience total freedom. Few other activities can offer the same experience - a glider is designed to become one with nature and the air that surrounds mother earth. The silence, the view and the freedom this provides is indescribable.


Get a once-in-a-lifetime experience right here in Notodden by taking a glider over beautiful Telemark and magical Heddal: you'll glide over the famous Heddal Stave Church and the UNESCO World Heritage city of Notodden, as well as heading up towards the legendary Telemark peak mountain Gaustatoppen, all while looking down at the idyllic farms and natural wonders of the region. Possibly, you might also spot a herd of reindeer close to the mountain of Blefjell.


Something for all – right here in Notodden

You will be taking off from Notodden Airport on a runway more than a mile long (5600 feet) before being pulled to an altitude of some 2000 feet. Gliding is an activity for ages 14 and up and requires no special prior knowledge or skills. Our skilled instructors will guide you safely and securely.


You might want to glide calmly through the air and perhaps rise higher - completely without a motor, enjoy the view and "listen" to the silence.  If you are a true daredevil, you can go for our "acrobatic glider package", which includes loops and acrobatics including real G-forces, high speeds and intense impressions with speeds up to 180 miles per hour. We are talking about adrenaline kicks and joy that nothing else can compare to!

For more information or booking, contact Notodden Experiences here or by phone +47 916 95 196.

Or send us an email to

Rolle Skating
Roller Skiing at a World Cup Venue

Roller skiing at Notodden Energi Grønkjær Arena

Welcome to one of Europe’s most beautiful roller skiing facilities. It is so simple – we provide you with skis with wheels.


Norwegians never get tired of skiing, and you can learn why it is great fun and exercise – even when there is no snow.  At the world cup stadium here at Grønkjær, with a new rustic cabin kiosk, you can go-Norwegian and try roller skis, or just roller skates, on paved roads in the middle of the woods. If you like you can try to beat the time record for non-Norwegians.


The Grønkjær Arena is a wonderful venue sponsored by Notodden Energi, complete with a Biathlon Stadium, a sprint course, several short trails and a hiking trail approximately 15 kilometres above Høgeli. The view of Lifjell from this open pine forest is a memory that will stay with you for a long, long time!

Join us for a day of fun, excercise - and if you like, a good healthy informal competiition.

Tveitanbakken – The 90-metre ski jump 

But why stop there? Afterwards you can try your hand – your legs actually – at walking the stairs up the largest ski jump in Telemark – Tveitanbakken.


Stand at the top and look down, and just try to imagine the feel of standing there will skis on your feet ready to fly down the hill. Here you will get a spectacular view of the valley below.


The facility has a jumping hill with K-point 90 meters (hill size 100 meters) and three smaller hills with sizes K40, K15 and K8. The plant is owned by Heddal IL. Tveitanbakken has been the arena for World Cup races for women and men. Except for the national ski arenas, this is one of the largest ski jumping hills in Norway. At the ski jump, you are close to the almost 1,000 years old the famous Heddal oak forest, “Tveitaneika”.


Contact us for your day of sporting experiences!
For an action-packed memorable day, you can experience a taste of different sports all in the same area just outside of Notodden.


For more information about how to organize a day you will not soon forget, contact Notodden Experiences here​  or by phone +47 916 95 196. Or send us an email to

Sports Park
Heddal Sports Park

The world’s favorite sport – and new ones! 

To complete your sporting experience, try one of the three new outdoor Paddleball Courts in Heddal Sports Park, Vidarvoll. Paddelball is the fastest growing sport in the world, and you have probably never seen such a beatiful court. Play one-by-one or two-by-two outdoors with a view to the Himingen Mountain and the scenic Telemark landscape around you. We will help you reserve the court and we rent you paddle rackets as well. 


At the prize-winning Heddal Sports Park, you can also play basketball outdoors at the new basketball court (soft ground), in addition to Beach Volleyball and football/soccer (artificial grass). There is a climbing wall as well and a small climbing park (also suited for children/youngsters), a ping pong table (we have rackets for you), and a playground for young children.  


Contact us for your day of sporting experiences!
Put together a sporting day you will not soon forget. For an action-packed memorable day, you can experience a taste of different sports all in the same area just outside of Notodden.


For more information or booking, contact Notodden Experiences here or by phone +47 916 95 196.

Or send us an email to

Skating and Climbing Galore

The Notodden Skate Park

Jump into the action at Norway's largest indoor skate arena. (Notodden Skate Park covers some 27,000 square feet inside the UNESCO industral Hydropark. The skate park consists of wooden elements on a concrete floor, including a street area and a mini ramp. It is great exercise and great fun.


Afterwards, try bouldering at the indoor the climbing wall next door. You might beat the record – if you dare!


The hall has been – and continues to be - the scene of fantastic fun. Activities here have included Norwegian championships, local competitions, dozens of children's birthdays, concerts, music video recordings, Girls' skating, beginners' skating, skate summer school, the favorite Halloween, book launches, Open Days, own events for adult education, schools, the university and much more.


Welcome to Notodden Skate Park. Join us!

We are open to all ages and backgrounds. We are inclusive and would love to have you join us.

Skateboard and helmet are included. 

All you need to do is bring your action attitude - We take care of the rest!

For more information or booking, contact Notodden Experiences here or by phone +47 916 95 196.

Or send us an email to


Skating Climbing
Surf Like a Californian

California Surfing in Heddal

Once you have learned the basics of surfing with the electric surfboard at Heddal Lake, you are ready for the next level. You are ready to surf the river Heddøla like a champ, with a true-blue Californian surfer as your guide.


The source for the river Heddøla is at the feet of Telemark’s legendary mountain Gaustatoppen, and it flows through our Heddal valley just north of the town of Notodden. It is a river that has stretches of calm waters – but also challenging rapids. 


We cannot tell you exactly where you will be surfing, but when the time is right your tutor Nicholas S. from Mailbu, California will share his secret with you.


Nicholas has settled here in Heddal, Telemark as any smart Californian would – and luckily, he has brought his American surfboards with him. Now he has found a never-ending Heddal wave at his secret spot in the river, and he is ready to teach you – if you have enough board experience from before. 


This is only for people with the true surfing spirit, though.


Hang Ten! Contact us for your day of surfing

If you do not have experience as an experienced surfer, you might try riding the Telemark wave with the body board and swimming feet, which is easier. River surfing involves risk. You will be subjected to tests before entering the river.


For more information about how to experience surfing on the river Heddøla, contact Notodden Experiences here

or by phone +47 916 95 196. Or send us an email to

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